Hermes: The Winged Messenger of the Gods

Demeter and Persephone

    When the Lord of the underworld had kidnapped Persephone after seeing her dazzling beauty it made Demeter very sad. Demeter was very sad so she decided that none of the crops would grow till she recieved her only daughter Persephone back. Zeus was worried back on earth if people started to die because of crop failures who would worship him? So he sent his youngest son Hermes to go down and make a deal with him Hermes from a young age was great at making deals. But this was going to be a challenge even for Hermes the lord of the underworld was deeply in love! When he reached the underworld Persephone was overjoyed so much that she ate some pomegranate seeds. Persephone did not know once you eat something from the under world you have to stay there. So Hermes thought quickly Persephone would stay in the under world for 1 month a year for every pomegranate she ate. During the time she was in the underworld none of the crops grew and when Persephone returned to Demeter all the crops grew beautifully.

Hermes& The giant Argos Panoptes

    Zeus was having an affair with another women one day and did not want his wife Hera to know of this which would make her very angry if she saw. Zeus was with the nymph Io, but then Hera arrived there. Zeus quickly transformed his lover Io into a white heifer. But Hera was to smart for that she saw that it wasn't truly a heifer so she asked for the heifer as a gift and had the giant Argos panoptes to guard the heifer. Zeus sent Hermes to go save his lover from Argos. Hermes first tried to use his music to lure the giant to sleep but it didn't work so he puled out his sword and killed the 100 eyed giant!

The Theft of Apollo's Cattle

    Hermes from a young age was very smart, from the day he came from his mother Maia he was up and about. One day Maia was talking a nap and the mischevius walked out the cave found a tortoise and killed it to makewhat  was the 1st lyre using the tortoise shell. But Hermes needed string to finish making the lyre. So he decided to steal some of Apollo's cattle. HE made the cows walk backwards to miss lead Apollo. HE made the strings using the cows guts.When Apollo found out the thief(Hermes was back in his cradle at the cave) he took Hermes to his father Zeus. But Zeus wasn't angry at all he was more entertained by his young son Hermes, and when Hermes played the lyre Apollo was too charmed by him. He offered the rest of his cows fro the lyre in return. Apollo also gave Hermes his Caduceus which is a golden staff of a herald. Hermes then became the messenger god and god of thieves. He then used the caduceus by pointing it in the eyes of the dead to lead them to Hades in the underworld. Apollo also taught Hermes how to prophesy Artemis taught him how to Hunt and Pan taught how to play the pipes. Hermes therefore was a favorite to all the gods.